Roger Hicks Ministries recognizes the importance of teaching the Word of God, which is the reason we established our ministry … and established this web site. The primary goal of this site is that the Lord will use it to strengthen you and equip you to fulfill His plans for your life.

Our intent is to bless you! Here, you will find short messages from the Word of God, as well as, more detailed teachings on issues that often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

One particular area that we believe will bless you is the “Faith Nuggets” page. By clicking on that tab, you will be exposed to the ministries of various men and women of God and the “one liners” and “nuggets of faith” that the Lord has delivered through them. These “nuggets” remind me of nuggets of gold. They are relatively small items of great value! I’ve collected them for more than 40 years, and they’ve been a great blessing to me. I wanted to share them with you, that they might bless you also!

Please write and tell us how our ministry has impacted your life. We love hearing from you. Thank you for your love, your prayers and your financial support. It is through our faithful Partners that we are able to continue to minister God’s love.

In the Master’s service,

Roger Hicks

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