Roger Hicks Ministries is a Non-Denominational Charismatic Ministry whose primary focus is teaching and preaching the Word of God. It is a team effort, whose success is the result of God honoring the prayers and offerings of its Partners.

Roger Hicks graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1977. During 36+ years of subsequent ministry, God has used him both domestically and internationally.

The Lord enlightens His people through the “Anointed Teaching Ministry” of Brother Hicks and confirms His Word with “signs following.” His Healing Ministry is but one manifestation of those “signs.”

“One of the most exciting things in my life,” says Brother Hicks, “is to witness the Lord heal people of pain and disease. It brings tears to my eyes. I can’t help it. God is SOOOO good!

Oh, I can’t take the credit for many of the things that I teach! Often, the Lord supernaturally reveals things to me. I get excited when God shows me something that I’ve missed for years. He reveals things that I’ve never seen in His Word, and then shows me several illustrations in the Word that are examples of those principles.”

In response to the call of God on his life, and willing to go wherever the Lord sends him, Brother Hicks “Teaches the Word” and “Ministers to the Sick.”

Estonian President Arnold Ruutel

Pastor Hicks introducing guest speaker, Brother Kenneth E. Hagin, and his wife
“Oretha” (at the 10th Anniversary services of Ozark Word Church). It was said
by many … including his wife Oretha … that during these meetings Brother
Hagin was more anointed than anyone had ever seen him.

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