Roger Hicks is willing to go anywhere that people are hungry for a “touch from God”. Recently, the Lord has been prompting him to minister more frequently concerning the “Manifested Presence of God.”

The “Manifested Presence of God” is often demonstrated by the visible “Shekinah Glory Cloud” and the visible “Fire of God.” There are multiple illustrations in the Bible concerning these manifestations. Several years ago the “Shekinah Glory Cloud” began to be manifest in some of our meetings. Those manifestations are becoming more prevalent as we teach about them. Since everything we get from God we get “by faith” … we’ll experience God’s manifested presence more frequently and far more prominently when we teach about it and build our faith concerning it.

Another area that the Lord has been prompting me to teach about is ‘Holy Ghost Meetings.’ About 20 years ago I began to notice that the Lord would often pre-empt me and do something that I hadn’t planned during the services. It happened most often on Sunday night. We had three regular weekly services, but for some reason the Lord chose to do some special and quite wonderful things on Sunday nights. It took me a while to ‘catch on’ … but after a while I got the message. We changed the name of the Sunday Evening Service to ‘Holy Ghost Night.’

The Lord has been dealing with me about teaching congregations how to flow with the Holy Ghost. You have to be willing to turn control of the service over to the Holy Spirit … completely! The Holy Spirit will not wrestle you for control. That’s hard for some ministers. We’re used to being ‘in control’. But once you experience the wonder of the Lord saving the lost, healing the sick, and ministering many other kinds of Blessings to those He loves so intently … you’ll wonder why it took us so long to learn His ways!”

Roger Hicks

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