“I appreciate your teaching and the time you spend, just talking to us … about the Word. As you were teaching this week, I saw several things in the Word that I’ve never seen before.

A few weeks ago, I suffered an injury to my arm, and wasn’t able to straighten it out completely. I’ve been exercising my faith for God to heal me! It’s been very painful, and because of that pain, I even considered leaving the service tonight. I’ve been exercising my faith for God to heal me!

I’ve received Holy Communion many times and heard teaching on Communion, but tonight I received new revelation. As you taught, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw some things I’d previously missed.

After the teaching, you asked the ushers to serve Holy Communion. The moment I received communion, I applied my faith and … I was instantly healed! Praise God! Look at what I can do with my arm. (She opened her arm out straight.) And the pain is completely gone!”

Rockport, MO

“I recently attended your service at Westview Assembly of God and wanted to thank you for your simplistic message, care, and compassion for those with physical needs.

I had dealt with pain and infection for nearly two years. I also had battled insomnia (due to a deviated septum) since my youth. Since receiving prayer and carefully abiding by your instructions, I am happy to report that I have been pain free since! I also have had restful sleep since that very night!

Praise the Lord for His wonderful goodness, and you, for answering His call to this kind of ministry. May God richly reward you for your work and commitment to His high calling.”

K. D.
Dothan, AL

“Dearest great Man of God, Loving greetings from India. 

We cannot forget the meetings with you. Pastors and their wives thoroughly enjoyed God’s blessing and I heard in many of their testimonies how God has changed their lives and the level of their ministry, after attending your meetings. We really felt the heavy anointing of the Lord on you, every word you preached and taught proceeded from your mouth, filled with salt and grace. Hallelujah.

I love you so much and have great respect for you.

Kindly pray and prepare to come again to India.

Man of God, I love you and you are very special to me.”

Rev. Dr. P. R.

“Pastor Hicks, Brenda and I talk about how your teaching of God’s Word impacted our lives so much and yes we are a product of what you instilled in us.   You were very instrumental in my walk with God and in Brenda’s life also.

God did things in us and brought us so much further than we ever imagined He would. I am the Assistant Pastor at Cincinnati Word of Faith Church and Brenda helps with the praise and worship and also in the children’s department.

I was so blessed to find your website and just wanted to thank you for depositing in me and Brenda a solid foundation in the Word of God. Thank you once again.”

Rev. J. D.
Cincinnati, OH

Hello, my Brother. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed your message and your teaching. It just really, really, really blessed us. People were in the office early Monday morning wanting copies of the tape.

I know my faith … I have received that blessing of faith from you, and I know that! It’s not so much that I feel like my faith is great big. I just cannot doubt! Its very strange and hard to explain. Its a knowledge! Its a fact! When I ask God to do someting, He’s gong to do it. And I’m so blessed by that. I know God led you here. You confirmed so many things. Brother, I love you. I look forward to hearing from you. It was a divine appointment! I’m very excited!

Pastor B. C.
Cannelton, IN

 Dear Brother Hicks,

Five years after the death of my husband, I still suffered from a hurting and broken heart. When I attended your meeting in Mobile,  you prayed for me and I was instantly set free from that broken heart, by the power of Jesus Christ.

J. B.
Grand Bay, AL




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