Roger Hicks Ministries is also known by the names of “World Outreach Ministries” and “Wings of a Dove Ministries.” The name “World Outreach Ministries” came into being many years ago when the Lord began sending Brother Hicks into other nations of the world.

In addition to churches within the United States, our ministry has spanned nations in Europe such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; nations in South America such as Peru, Venezuela, and Argentina; and most recently, India.

The Bible states, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” (Proverbs 18:16) God has confirmed His calling upon Brother Hicks many times by bringing him before great men. On several occasions the Lord opened the door for him to minister privately to the Presidents of two different nations. Both Presidents asked him to pray personally with them. Brother Hicks was blessed to watch as the Lord worked in the hearts of these two Presidents.

Estonian President Arnold Ruutel Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis
Pastor Hicks ministering to Estonian President Arnold Ruutel.
Pastor Hicks ministering to Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis.

Whether ministering to Presidents, to local church congregations ranging from a few hungry people to thousands of members, or to leaders in “Minister’s Conferences”, Brother Hicks relies on the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of the people.

Brother Hicks says, “I’ll go anywhere the Lord sends me, and do anything the Lord wants me to do. I don’t care if it’s half way around the world, or to a small town church in America. The ONLY prerequisite is … that the people are hungry for more of God.”

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